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It’s easy to make mistakes whilst driving.

Here at Rebus Legal, we appreciate that!  However, sometimes these mistakes can have a considerable impact on your employment and family life, especially if you are reliant on your vehicle for work purposes.

Traffic law can be complex, and a conviction for offences such as driving under the influence of alcohol or dangerous driving can result in a range of penalties from having your licence suspended through to imprisonment.  Although some traffic matters may appear straightforward, it can be useful to consult a lawyer for your traffic issue, especially if you are due to appear before a Court or are eligible to appeal the Court’s decision.

Our partners have extensive experience dealing with traffic matters and are committed to offering you empathetic, up to date and swift representation with whatever traffic issue you are facing.

Our traffic law services include: License suspension or disqualification due to drink driving, dangerous driving, traffic infringement notices, or criminal charges arising from traffic related issues.

If you require advice or assistance in the areas of traffic law issues, contact us today. We offer a free 15 minute, no commitment telephone consultation to discuss your situation, offer legal advice and explain how we can help.

Because we know this journey is difficult, we happily offer payment plans to ease the stress.​

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