Liam Takeda

Liam Takeda solicitor in perth

Liam Takeda


Liam joined Rebus Legal in September 2021 where he completed his Practical Legal Training and gaining experience in the areas of Civil, Family, and Criminal Law.

Liam commenced his studies in a Bachelor of Science and graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce and Juris Doctor. He deals with issues in a scientific and business-like approach, allowing him to tackle the problem objectively while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Having moved around a lot and experienced living in different countries during his childhood and adulthood, Liam has awareness and understanding of a few different cultures around the world, allowing him to more easily relate to a wide range of people. Liam is bilingual in being able to hold a conversation in Japanese and English with an understanding of Burmese.

Liam has a particular interest in Civil and Criminal law.

Liam entered into the legal practice as knowing the legal system will allow him to efficiently and practically manoeuvre around both simple and complex matters in order to help clients.

Liam believes that clients come first, and adopts a practical, sensible and logical approach in attaining the best possible outcome for his clients.

Liam looks forward to welcoming you as a client of Rebus Legal so that he can assist with your legal matters.