Gordon Yenkanna Lawyer Perth



With a legal career spanning over 19 years, Gordon has gained vast experience practising law in national law firms in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Gordon has represented clients in a wide range of legal proceedings including, but not limited to Criminal Law, Civil Law and Family Law.

His main objective for Rebus Legal is to put the interest of the client first, and to achieve the most favourable outcome for individuals as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, without the need for protracted litigation.

Gordon has long held a strong passion for the law and believes that the law can be used to achieve positive resolutions for his clients.

When working with clients, Gordon shows compassion, initially seeking to understand what is most important to the client, then seeks legal solutions that will best suit them. Communication with clients is paramount, and Gordon provides peace of mind by keeping them informed throughout the process. He is an avid defender of people’s rights and is dedicated to ensuring a fair outcome for all his clients and works hard to achieve the best possible outcome in Court or through negotiations.

With his hard work ethic, extensive experience, his belief in thorough preparation, his compassion for his clients, and integrity within the industry, Gordon has proven time and again that he has what it takes to get the best possible result, whilst treating the client’s legal interests as if they were his own.